The Iowa Psychological Association (IPA) is committed to providing advocacy, education, training, and professional support for Iowa psychologists. Additionally, IPA strives to educate the public about mental health and wellness and to support training efforts for psychologists at all career stages. We would like to offer you the opportunity to support the mission of IPA by becoming an annual sponsor of our association.

Showing your support for IPA’s mission through an Annual Association Sponsorship demonstrates your commitment to the impactful work of this growing profession. IPA welcomes offers of sponsorship from organizations with an interest in engaging with our members. Sponsoring IPA will allow you to develop brand, product, or service recognition with a captive audience of nearly 300 members representing 42% of psychologists who are licensed and reside in Iowa. In exchange for your investment in IPA, we will communicate to our members that you are an Annual Association Sponsor. As a non-profit organization, we are unable to facilitate for-profit company advertising or other calls to action.


  • IPA has been advancing psychology as a science and profession since 1949.
  • Active and engaged members: approximately 300
  • Public Facebook Fan Page: 370 Followers
  • Private members-only Facebook Group: 116 Members
  • Event marketing email list: 938 Subscribers

We recognize that all business’ objectives are different. For this reason, we offer a la carte benefits to help you meet your specific goals. All sponsorship benefits are filled on a first come first served basis, pending IPA approval. For more information, please contact Suzanne Hull, Executive Director at [email protected] or 515-250-6366.


  • All sponsorship benefits are filled on a first come first served basis.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are valid January 1 – December 31.
  • To submit for sponsorship approval, please complete the application form and submit full payment.

HOW YOUR INVESTMENT WILL BE USED: Your investment will help maintain the long-term viability of IPA and promotion of mental health and psychological science in Iowa by ensuring that annual operating and event-related expenses are covered.

HOW YOUR INVESTMENT WILL BE MEASURED: IPA will provide Annual Association Sponsors with metrics related to their investment such as blog post views, event attendance and social media reach. IPA encourages Annual Association Sponsors to track sales leads and conversions.

Please complete this form and IPA’s Executive Director will be in touch regarding the details of your Annual Association Sponsorship.



Hyperlinked logo on www.iowapsychology.org


Hyperlinked logo at the bottom of every blog posted during the term. Average 2-4 blog posts/mo. Sponsor chooses month, quarter or year.




Hyperlinked logo at the top of every blog posted during the term. Average 2-4 blog posts/mo. Sponsor chooses month, quarter or year.





Contribute one “Thought Leadership” blog post (content approved by IPA). Sponsor chooses publication date.


CONFERENCES (indicate Spring OR Fall)


Logo included in printed conference program and printed marketing brochure


Draped vendor table during conference


Logo on PowerPoint displayed during breaks and lunch


Signage displayed – provided by the sponsor


Hyperlinked logo on event registration page and conference marketing emails




Hyperlinked logo on event registration page and training event marketing emails




Based on the sum of your ala carte benefits, we will recognize you on our website home page (www.iowapsychology.org) as an IPA Association Sponsor.

Hyperlinked Logo Recognition

Hyperlinked Name Recognition

Partner: $500+

Platinum, $400 - $499

Diamond, $300 - $399

Gold: $200 - $299

Silver: $100 - $199

Bronze: $50 - $99


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