IPA Training Pre-Approval Form

Thank you for submitting a training for pre-approval to the IPA Program Planning Committee (PPC) for review and approval.

IPA is limiting the total number of CEs offered within a calendar year to 35. Once this threshold has been reached, additional proposed trainings will be considered for the following year.

The PPC asks that the Proposer not proceed with planning, including making any verbal or written offers, until after the PPC has granted approval.

In order to make its determination, the PPC requests that this IPA Training Pre-Approval Form is completed. Please email IPA Executive Director (ED), Suzanne Hull, upon completion.

The ED will bring it to the PPC for review and approval. The Proposer will then complete the Training Proposal Form which the ED will provide.

All planning and footwork for the training is to be completed by the Proposer and/or their committee. The IPA ED will assist with administrative aspects of the training and its implementation.