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Post-Doctoral Training Opportunities

Capstone Behavioral Healthcare

The fellowship will incorporate a wide array of clinical experiences that may include individual and group therapy, assessment, and participating in a multi-disciplinary treatment team that includes mental health, medical, and community based service professionals. The population served includes children, adolescents, adults, and the aging. Clients with a full spectrum of diagnoses are served at the center and our agency offers a variety of services and treatments to address these concerns. If interested in the position please contact Amanda Johnson, PhD via email [email protected]. or phone641-792-4012.

Innovative Learning Professionals/Polk County Juvenile Justice

Innovative Learning Professionals, located in Des Moines, is a private mental health practice that contracts with Polk County Juvenile Court Services to provide assessment and consultation to the juvenile court system. Work for juvenile court services includes forensic assessments (e.g. risk assessments, mental health assessments, competency assessments, and sexual offender assessments) as well as providing consultation on individual cases to juvenile court officers. Conducting psychoeducational assessments in a private practice environment will also be part of the fellowship. Some opportunities for developing ongoing therapy skills with children, adolescents and adults will be offered. If desired, opportunities for becoming familiar with Quantitative EEG assessments, neurofeedback, and biofeedback are available. For more information contact Dr. David Beeman at[email protected]or (515) 279-3033.

The Mental Health Center of North Iowa (MHCNI),a nearly 60 year old non-profit comprehensive community MHC and a recognized pioneer in providing trauma-focused clinical services, is accepting applications for a postdoctoral psychology training position with a concentration in child clinical services.

The postdoc training will provide numerous opportunities for competency development in both psychotherapy and psycho-diagnostic assessment. The majority of patients are self-referred though frequent assessment and treatment referrals come from child welfare, juvenile court, schools, and pediatricians, in addition to a number of agencies serving adults.

The postdoc training includes an opportunity to play an integral part in the inception and ongoing operation of a multidisciplinary early childhood (ages 2-8) emotional development team, an initiative stemming from the Center’s established and always evolving “developmental trauma” approach to diagnosis and intervention. The team will collaborate with other child service providers in addressing both the specific needs of a child, as well as helping build a solid integrated network of comprehensive care for all area children.

For more complete information about this postdoctoral position, please contact Daniel Courtney, Ph.D., Supervising Psychologist, at[email protected]or by phone at (641)424-2075.