Top 5 Reasons Students Should Join IPA

headshot for Ashley BantaHello, fellow psychology students! My name is Ashley Banta, and I’m the IPA Student Division Representative-Elect. I am eager to advocate for psychology doctoral students in Iowa. Today, I have the top FIVE reasons you should join IPA! 

The first reason is networking. Student members have rich opportunities to make professional relationships. Everyone gets paired with a practicing psychologist mentor. These mentors can give you important information about practicum opportunities and future internship sites. Even if you don’t intend to stay in Iowa, you can learn from these mentors and take the culture of “Iowa Nice” out into the wider world!  I have personally benefitted from the connections that I have made with other IPA members. 

Second, you can engage in innovation through IPA. Our top-notch trainings and conferences give students valuable tools for their professional toolkit! I learned the values sort activity at an IPA conference and have now used it with several clients! Student members can attend trainings and conferences at a highly discounted rate or FOR FREE. 

Third, engage in advocacy through IPA! The advocacy committee does important work in Iowa. Keep up to date with legislation as well as meet with legislators to share your perspective. I attended one of APA’s virtual advocacy summits and learned a great deal from my fellow IPA delegates. It was such a great experience to meet with legislators to discuss the unique perspective psychologists have on various issues. 

Fourth, socialize with other members. IPA hosts frequent socials. You will enjoy connecting with students and psychologists across the state! 

Lastly, hone your leadership skills. IPA members truly value students’ voices. You are encouraged to join an IPA committee that aligns with your professional goals. 

Of course, not all of you are planning on staying in Iowa. But you can still join! Learn with us here and take your knowledge wherever you end up! For the time being, Iowa is your community, and your community needs you!

Being a student member of IPA has been so rewarding! Picking only 5 reasons to join IPA for this blog was challenging because there are so many reasons to join. Come join us and see how many more reasons there are to be a student IPA member! 

If you join after September 1, 2023, then your first year of FREE membership includes the rest of 2023 and all of 2024. After that, the yearly cost of membership for students is just $50.


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